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EnQ Guarantee Times

Published on March 5, 2020
Andrew Valiente

Andrew Valiente

Founder of enQ. Inc.

EnQ guarantees times as of Dec 1 2020

(This table is updated periodically)

EnQ Department Guarantee Notes
IRS Practitioner Priority Service Individual 3 min
IRS Practitioner Priority Service Business 5 min
IRS Collections Individual 3 min
IRS Collections Business 5 min
IRS Automated Underreporter Individual 5 min
IRS Correspondence Examination Individual 5 min
IRS e-Help Desk (e-Services) 5 min
IRS Collections Individual Spanish 10 min
IRS Identity Verification 5 min
IRS Centralized Lien Line 10 min Pro Plan Only
IRS Memphis Offer in Compromise 10 min Pro Plan Only
IRS Holtsville Offer in Compromise 10 min Pro Plan Only

What does EnQ guarantee?

EnQ bills your call by the time on the customer service line.

If you had to wait more than the above guarantee time, then enQ substracts wait time from your billed time.

Example: Say you call a number where EnQ guarantees 3 minutes.  You call and wait 5 minutes and then and talk for 15.   That call’s billed time is 13 minutes, as you waited 2 more minutes above the guaranteed time.

EnQ does this to align ourselves with our customers.

Why the differences in guarantee times?

EnQ can delivery low hold times when:

  1. A lot of customers call the same department.
  2. IRS performance is medium bad (percentage of calls get through).

EnQ delivers higher hold times.

  1. When the custom demand for a department is significantly lower.
  2. IRS performance is so bad that nobody can get through.

We are constantly working to add new IRS destinations to make your tax practice better.

  • Brett Shupe

    We aren’t fully compensated even if they hold charge us for the talk time. This is because I have to first call PPS and then transfer to collections. That’s 20 mins of IRS talk time that enQ is still charging us for.