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EnQ Guarantee

Published on September 25, 2021
Andrew Valiente

Andrew Valiente

Founder of enQ. Inc.

EnQ Guarantee Update

September 26 2021


EnQ can no longer guarantee the 3-minute wait time as the IRS performance has degraded substantially.

The IRS disconnects most calls after playing the following message:

“We are sorry, but due to extremely high call volume in the topic you requested, we are unable to handle your call at this time. Please try again later or on our next business day. Thank you.”

EnQ does connect callers when the IRS answers, but it cannot make the IRS answer the phone.

When the IRS connection performance improves, then enQ will gladly reinstate the guarantee.

  • Brett Shupe

    We aren’t fully compensated even if they hold charge us for the talk time. This is because I have to first call PPS and then transfer to collections. That’s 20 mins of IRS talk time that enQ is still charging us for.

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